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On The Way For The Independence Of Minorities

Listen! O minorities living in Pakistan! Leaders of tomorrow, the guardian of the dignity of country and nation. Why are you quite after grinding in through the crushing mill stone of tyranny? What do I see? Constant silence, selfishness, helplessness. Bishop John Joseph was martyred in front of our eyes. We remained silent, leader like Shahbaz Bhatti martyred but after a few days mourning and anger, we remained silent. Why did he martyr for? It is for the survival of our respect and honour, for our rights. Arise political awareness among minorities to save Rimsha or Naimat Ahmer against discriminatory law of 295-C.
I put a question to you. Shall we remain crushing in the grinding stone of cruelty? Will we show the constant helplessness? Will we be not able to protect the respect and honour of our mothers, sisters and daughters? Will we innocent Manzoor Masih keeps on assassinating for no cause? Even the dove takes stand against cruel crow to protect their nest and nestling. Even the king of peace and blessing Jesus Christ also picked a lash for truth and purpose.

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Their leaders represent solidarity, strength of Nation, true faith, social honour, mental & educational maturity and awareness. The human evolution is the evidence of this fact that the human history reveals the initial stage of history. The unit of the first human family was evolved into the tribe because of a group of large families. The state was born out of tribes. The head of tribe, leader looks after the tribe. The tribe was known/recognized by the characteristic of his leader. If the leader is brave, courageous and valiant, the tribe possesses the same characteristics. This is a firm truth that no further description is required for this fact. If you study history, then this fact will be more visible. The developed, progressed, prosperous and confident nation got leader like Churchill Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Quaid -e- Azam, Ata-Turk and Nelson Mandela. If we look in the same prospect, we will see that the downfall of minority is rapidly increasing day by day.

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1. To organize and motivate all minorities on one platform.
2. To struggle for the independence and basic rights of minorities
3. To provide exact census for providing full rights to minorities
4. To struggle to abolish the misuse of discriminatory laws.
5. To struggle for implementation the dual vote rights for minorities
6. To struggle for restoring quota system for minorities in all the national education polices and struggle for     obtaining scholarship for foreign study.
7. To abolish hate provoking martial in the education syllabus, the provision of additional 20 marks to     minorities students like Hafiz-e-Quran.
8. To struggle for abolishing the violence against the minority women, further making possible to provide      home industries to them.
9. To struggle for providing citizenship to minorities members of Azad Kashmir and tribal areas and further     struggle for their economic, social and political development.
10. To attempt for the promotion of solidarity, national unity and religious tolerance in Pakistan and to       further struggle for national harmony and religious freedom.
11. To abolish social differences, religious prejudice, fundamentalism and sectarian.
12. To plan comprehensive for the educational, social and economic development for minorities.
13. To struggle for rights of minorities students, women, youth, labourers and farmers, and to struggle for      providing due status to artists, players, journalists, lawyers and other professionals.
14. Rehabilitation of victims during national disasters.

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